Erin + Lucas | Finlay Park, NZ

This marvellous winter wedding warmed the heart in so many ways that its just ridiculous to try and even write about it . . . featuring DIY hand-made EVERYTHING from loving friends and family. Just the way it should be.

A massive thanks to Ruth Gilmour Photographer for braving the cold with us and helping to capture the moments.

Karen & Zi | West Coast, NZ

There is a tension in the air that simply can not be captured by a camera. I cant stop smiling and my heart is filled with joy; for Zi has not yet seen how beautiful Karen looks but is about to! What an honour to be part of this moment.

Later this day, the story of their love was retold in front of an intimate gathering of friends and family, on the West Coast of the North Island, before a storm rolled in and had us running for shelter. Oh, and we also sneaked in a cheeky west coast cliff top photo session while said storm was chasing guests – because Zi, Karen and their bridal party were totally up for that.
愿得一人心,白首不相离 { Catch ones heart, never be apart }

A massive thanks to Kirsty Peta Stone Photography for inviting me to help capture the moments.

Josie & Sam | Waikato, NZ

Sam & Josie wed on the historical backbone of a highschool romance that had friends and family wondering (and hedging bets) why they didn't tie the knot sooner. They professed their vows to one another in the orchards they spend hours working together in, in front of all their dearly loved friends & family. Simply perfect.

A big thanks to Josiah Clark Photography for helping me capture the moments.

Alejandra & Felipe | Witchmount Melbourne, Australia

Friend and fellow photographer, Brook James moved to Melbourne, Australia from the Waikato, NZ a couple of years back, and since then Brook has been making his mark and earning his stripes among the creatives that make Melbourne highly reputable. A year ago we dropped in the idea of a collaboration. So when Felipe + Alejandra asked Brook to capture their wedding day, Brook came knocking on my online door and i threw it open and said yes before he even had to ask - before I could even make sure it was in fact Brook at my door!

Before i knew it, Brook had flown me over and I was kicking it 'big city life' style with Brook. We scoped out locations, planned and plotted how we were going to tag-team this wedding. We battled the Melbourne weather and got three forecasts in one day. Sun. Rain. Overcast. After a sneaky downpour just before the formalities, the rain held off long enough to send the couple, bridal party and Kombi out into the wilderness of an open, water parched, field followed shortly after by some truly intimately beautiful moments within an orchard - every man wants a women to look at him the way Alejandra looks at Felipe.

Then, they wined and dined with friends and family before Felipe performed a heart melting, tear-trickling performance of Ed Sheeran's 'This', with his best men at his side, wooing Alejandra all over again.

Several days after the wedding, Brook and I could've been spotted in Federation Square, eating burgers and having burgers stolen right outta our (my) hands by some cheeky seagulls and reflecting on the wedding; yo u don't have to spend a lot of time around Fil & Alex - their friends and family - to find out just how incredibly genuine they are. Melbourne, call me back.
Photo album designed by Victor Alexeyev and produced by Artifact Uprising

Sommer + Shaun | Waikato, New Zealand.

Sommer & Shaun said 'We Do' in an air conditioned (which was appreciated by all) historic Cambridge Church on a blasting hot December day. With last minute morning madness, a 40 minute late bridal arrival, a convoy of hand built custom hot-rods and a lawn full of pink flamingos , this rockabilly couple were wedded in great style along side friends and family who have supported them all along the way. This is your modern day bad-ass couple.

Thanks to my side kick Ruth Gilmour for coming along to help capture the day.

Anne + James | Roxborough Farm, Waikato New Zealand.

Nothing speaks of love and support quite as much as friends and family pitching in hours on end to make a couple's wedding day all that it should be. Personal. And that's exactly what friends and family did for Anne + James.

They wedded at a picturesque farm under the shade of a giant oak tree, said their “I do's", dined as the sun went down, hosted a dance party – which resulted with dance offs that appropriately featured Beyonce's 'Put a ring on it' - all before making a spectacular and hilarious getaway under the stars.

A huge thanks to my trusty side kick Ruth Gilmour for helping to capture the moments:

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Brynlea + Peter | Waikato, New Zealand.

Cue a Laundromat strip off, back a trailer load of miraculous sunflowers, sneak the bridal party into a corn field and use your maid of honour speech as a platform to promo a match-matching site aka 'The Bic 'n' Mix' and you're starting to get a crazy accurate picture of how Peter and Brynlea's wedding went down. They broke into 2014 by getting hitched, said their 'I do's' at a picturesque homestead in front of a huge throng of family and friends and survived battering winds and serious threats of rain. Perfect? In every way.