I had the incredible opportunity to be part of an organisation that annually sends small teams into Romania to work with the despised people of Romania - the gypsies; a cast out people group who are seen and treated as the countries (and wider Europe) low-life.

Turns out, they are just like the rest of us. Who would have imagined!

As an on-going, established relationship has been formed over many years, through tireless amounts of hard relational work (gypsies can be hard people to work with) by those who had gone before us, we were able to carry on the work and build upon these relationships and the trust that had already been established.
Social and cultural awareness is currency. The world would benefit greatly from people who payed more attention to the realities of the lives of people in poverty - which actually turns out to still be most of the world. To raise awareness, to honour the individuals in my local community who stepped out of their lives and into the lives of the less fortunate, and to attempt to remove some of the stigmatism around 'Gypsies' I held my one and only photo exhibition in my local town.