Simon + Chelsea | Christchurch, NZ

Lucas + Erin | Finlay Park, NZ

After six straight days of planning physics and chemistry lessons for high school punters I was more than happy to be invited to share in an adventure. Here's to Erin + Lucas, to pancakes and raw fish, to late night card games and pulpsport episodes, to exploring shipwrecks and navigating shipping lanes, to plate breaking swells, to houseboats, to Mt Maunganui et al

Sommer + Shaun | Waikato, NZ

Sommer + Shaun had a back-and-forth flirtatious case about them that was entertaining to be around. Reminiscent of boy meets girl, girl perfect women; man acts like a joker to win her heart over at every moment he can get. We met up early at a 1950's themed diner, where Sommer + Shaun we're in their element and dressed to match. After dosing up on caffeine, we hit the car park and there Shaun couldnt stop smirking along side his great loves - his Rat Rod and his ravishing soon to be wife.
Heart-warming stuff? You better believe it!

Josie + Sam | Waikato, NZ

We're out at this camp site, where we've all spent hundreds of hours volunteering as leaders in the summer school holidays. Im standing on a beer crate, on a pontoon that's been visually destroyed by bird crap and free-lensing like the cheap mofo I am while Josie and Sam brave the cold, think about all the memories they have shared at this place and their fast approaching wedding day.

The winter afternoon. Sam. Josie. The beer crate. The bird crap bombed pontoon. Me free-lensing. The lagoon. All working together to make this scene rather fantastic.