An old fart once told me, "Without formal qualification [in photography] you'll get nowhere". A negative word has the same power as a pale of water to a camp fire - despite fire possessing a greater destructive force than water. The opposite is just as true; a positive word has the power to enrage the smallest of embers, and I am forever grateful to those photographers i have met along the way who have given me great encouragement. These guys helped me to persevere and saved me from throwing in the towel on photography.

The images you see here, and have a good dig around because there's more than you'll wanna see in one sitting, represent hundreds of hours (no exaggeration) in preparation, on site capture, and hiding away in dark rooms with world class underground tunes keeping me sane as i work to produce a final body of work.

I've struggled and celebrated to get here.

If you want to know more about the content , drop me a line.

Victor Alexeyev